The Skin of Our Teeth

Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece

The Skin Of Our Teeth

Directed by

Dave Horak

Stage Manager

Rachel Rudd


Jeff Haslam

Andrea House

Stephanie Wolfe

Sheldon Elter

Vincent Forcier

Lauren Hughes

Cody Porter

Nicole St.Martin

The glorious, epic saga of the Antrobus family as they survive one apocalyptic incident after another: the dawning of the Ice Age in early 20th Century New Jersey; cataclysmic storm systems and flood in Atlantic City; the decimation of humanity through a catastrophic war. Devastating and devastatingly funny, magical and meta, explosive and exquisitely intimate – join this extraordinary family on their rollercoaster ride through time, trial and tribulation!

Dictators! Dinosaurs! Bingo! Humanity may only survive by the skin of its teeth!