The Deep Blue Sea

“When you’re between any kind of devil and the deep blue sea, the deep blue sea can sometimes look very inviting.”

Directed by

Nancy McAlear


Jocelyn Ahlf

Mat Busby

Belinda Cornish

Paul Cowling

Troy O’Donnell

Andrew MacDonald Smith

In a fit of passion, Hester Collyer has abandoned her marriage to Sir William Collyer in pursuit of an affair with ex-Spitfire pilot Freddie Page. In doing so, she has left the man who loves her but cannot show it for a man who cannot love her at all.

Rattigan’s twentieth century masterpiece “The Deep Blue Sea” is a beautiful, complex play depicting people blighted by love amidst the ruins of post-war England.

Nominated for 4 Sterling Awards

Outstanding Fringe Director: Nancy McAlear

Outstanding Fringe Actress: Belinda Cornish

Outstanding Fringe Actor: Mat Busby

Outstanding Fringe Production